Passionate & Invested Faculty

  • Each professor was an experienced practitioner prior to joining the law school
  • Each professor who teaches at LMU Law is an expert in her or his field
  • Professors have an open-door policy and provide regular tutorial access
  • Our professors also volunteer their time for a variety of causes, including academic support and philanthropic endeavors
  • Professors work with students to ensure their academic achievement

It's very important for us that our faculty were practitioners first.


In my case, I was a trial lawyer for almost 15 years and tried hundreds and hundreds of lawsuits.


I was a federal prosecutor in Miami and I was a trial attorney for Department of Justice.


Our faculty brings so many different areas of law to the table.


As a student, it gives you more of a grounded learning of the law.


When professors share their own real world experiences. It helps ground that knowledge and helps emphasize the importance of it when you're actually out there working as a lawyer.


Most of our faculty are involved in student organizations and running conferences.


We have faculty involved in the community. We have people that serve on boards, we have people that do pro bono work. We have people that mediate to not only enhance the community outreach, but their experiences in the classroom as well.


And so we have a very healthy externship program here. And I think that's because we've made so many connections to the community.


The student faculty relationship at LMU is something that I've found to be extremely special. Whether it deals with your personal life or whether it deals with your law school life.


If your faculty is here in the building, their doors are open, they'll drop anything and everything to help you and I have found that to be probably one of the most incredible things about this place.


They invest in you and they help you, they promote you. They want you to succeed.