Student-Centered Education

  • Your connection to LMU Law begins before you arrive
  • Each incoming student is provided with a peer mentor and faculty advisor
  • Your legal education begins with an informative and helpful orientation
  • Every student participates in a Legal Foundations Program to ensure academic success
  • Dean's Fellows and ASP Program professors provide academic support and tutoring throughout the entire first year
  • Professors are accessible every day to guide and support your legal career

We have lots of opportunities for students to help other students.


We have a mentor program, upperclassmen that reach out to the prospective one a couple months actually before they even start. So the day they walk in the door, they feel comfortable. And they know some upperclassmen. And then we really take a unified approach to our 1L orientations. We have breakout sessions in which the peer leaders speak with the 1Ls faculty are also there. We introduce ourselves.


We also have the deans fellows, the deans fellows are part of our Academic Success Program. And so each dean's fellow is assigned to a first year class. They will hold extra office hours and work with the professor to provide additional tutoring and academic success services to the first year students.


The unique program that we have is the Legal Foundations Program and really that is a core Academic Success class where students are really exposed to a lot of the skills necessary to succeed in law school.


Faculty are assigned various students as advisees. We start with them when they first come in and we're with them through to the end. So that way they have someone constantly that they can always reach out to.


The support that they get from the law school doesn't end there. There's a lot of different resources that the school still provides to the students, whether it be formal classes, formal meetings, workshops, things of that nature, even when students here graduate, we're still with them providing supplemental bar support to help them pass the bar exam in any jurisdiction that they wish to practice in.